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Cricket is played in 104 countries all across the world. It is the second most favorite sport in the world after Football. Most people prefer to watch cricket online on their televisions and on their
mobile phones. But the problem is that there are very less number of sites that stream the cricket
matches live and they also charge a subscription fee. But there is one site with the name Mobilecric
that is streaming all the cricket matches live on their platform for the fans of cricket without any
subscription fees.

Mobilecric live cricket streaming app

Mobile Cric is an app that streams most of the cricket matches played in the world. Mobilecric is a
mobile app both for Android users and iPhone users. Android users can download it from the google
play store and iPhone users can install it from the apple store. The following features make Mobilecric a worth of app and the best platform to watch all the cricket action going through the world.

The interface of the Mobilecric app is very simple and user friendly as whenever you open the app list of all the cricket matches which are going live today appear and you can select the match you want to watch. The quality of the match streamed through Mobilecric is very high. All the matches streamed on Mobilecric don’t need you to pay anything. You don’t need to pay any
subscription fees.

Cricket fans from each and every corner of the world can enjoy watching the cricket stream live here. The upcoming world cup 2023 is the highest demanding event of this year and guess Mobilecric is streaming this event live for the fans.

Mobilecric Live scorecard

Another important feature that Mobilecric offer is live scorecard updates. Mobilecric provides you the updates of live scorecards on your mobile. In case you can’t watch the match live but want to be well aware of the situation of the match you can use this feature and it really amazing.

Mobilecric PAK vs AFG live Cricket Streaming Schedule 2023

Watch Mobilecric Pakistan vs Afghanistan cricket streaming and schedule for 2023. A one-day series between Pakistan and Afghanistan is scheduled just before the Asia Cup in August 2023. Both teams will play three ODI series against each other.

Mobilecric is streaming all the matches of the Pakistan vs Afghanistan series live as they have the broadcasting rights to this series.

World Cup 2023 live streaming on Mobilecric

World Cup 2023 is near starting this year in October and fans are really looking forward to it as it is the biggest event of Cricket this year. There will be 48 high-voltage matches played between 10 top teams in the world. Each team will play a match against each other. The format of the world cup is going to be one-day internationals. This time the world cup is gonna be bigger and more widely celebrated because it is going to happen in India where the passion for cricket is unpredictable.

The peoples of South Asia are crazy about cricket and we all know how big will this tournament will be. The live-action of the electrifying crowd and the superstar’s roar will be provided free by the Mobilecric app on your mobile.

AdministratorInternational Cricket Council
Cricket FormatOne Day International
Selection ProcedureRound-Robin and Knockout
Opening Match5th of October 2023
Semi Final 115th of November
Semi Final 216th of November
Final Match 19th November 2023
ParticipantsTeams 10
Total Matches48
Free live streaming atMobilecric

Asia Cup 2023 live streaming at Mobilecric

South Asian countries are very well passionate about cricket that’s why they arrange their own
event of the Asia Cup under the administration of the Asian Cricket Council. Asia Cup 2023 will be played among the top 6 teams of Asia which are the following,

Asia Cup 2023 will be live-streamed on the Mobilecric mobile app. The fans from each and every corner can access this app whether they are from the UK, Australia, Africa, or somewhere else can easily watch all the live matches on Mobilecric.

HostPakistan and Sri Lanka
AdministratorAsia Cricket Council
Cricket FormatOne Day International
Selection FormatSuper Four
Opening Match30 August 2023
Semi Final 1TBD
Semi Final 2TBD
Final Match17 September 2023
Participants teams6
Total Matches Played13
Free Live StreamingMobileCric

Other cricket matches

All the cricket action going through the world can be watched just through this app. The upcoming
matches of Ind vs. Aus, Pak vs New Zealand, and England Vs New Zealand, will also be streamed live on Mobilecric and the fans can watch the live stream on Mobilecric. More than half of all the cricket matches played in the world are streamed live on the Mobilecric app.

The rating of the mobilecric app on the play store is 4 by 5 where almost four thousand views have reviewed it and appreciated this platform.

IPL 2024 live

IPL fans often receive complaints about the live stream because they can’t watch the IPL matches live on any platform unless they had to pay the fees. But Mobilecric is well aware of all the difficulties of the fans and they will be streaming IPL 2024 live on their Platform for free.IPL is watched across the whole globe and fans love to watch IPL live so Mobilecric is streaming live action for them for free.

PSL 2024 live streaming at Mobilecric

Pakistan super league is scheduled in 2024 in the month of February or March and fans are waiting
anxiously for it. As all the last 7 seasons of the Pakistan super league had been superb and the world is enjoying high-quality cricket and close fixtures. So the hype is on and that’s why Mobilecric is also streaming live PSL 2024 streaming on its platform for the benefit of cricket fans across the whole world.

League Live Streaming platform

PSL 2024Mobilecric
IPL 2024Mobilecric
BBL 2023-24Mobilecric
LPL 2023Mobilecric
SA20 2024Mobilecric
CPL 2023Mobilecric
Hundreds LeagueMobilecric
ILT20 2024Mobilecric
T20 BlastMobilecric

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What is Mobilecric?

Mobilecric is a mobile app where fans can watch live cricket action and view live scorecard.

Is Mobilecric free?

Yes, Mobilecric is free. You don’t need to pay any subscription fees here.

How can I watch the world cup 2023 live on my mobile phone?

You can download the Mobilecric Android app on your mobile phone and can enjoy live streaming of the world cup 2023.

Is Mobilecric available for iPhone?

Yes, iPhone users can also access to Mobilecric app.


If you are a cricket fan and looking for a free plate form where you can enjoy live cricket action through your mobile phone then Mobilecric is the one which can ease your problem great time. Mobilecric is a mobile app that is available to all cricket fans around the world it provides live cricket streaming of the world cup 2023, Asia Cup 2023, and all other international matches coverage for free. You can also watch leagues like IPL 2024, PSl 2024, and Caribbean Premium League on Mobilecric.

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