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If you’re a cricket fan, you must admire how much of a blessing it is for a fan that sites like Webcric are streaming all the World Cup 2023 matches live for free. Not only the World Cup but Webcric is also streaming the Asia Cup, the world’s greatest cricket league In terms of quality, the IPL is the best; the PSL is the most popular. entertaining Caribbean leagues like the CPL and all other leagues, including the LPL, BBL, BPL, and T10 leagues across the globe.

Webcric: watch live cricket streaming

Webcric is among the few websites offering live cricket streaming for the World Cup 2023 and Asia Cup on its platform. As we all know, the rights to stream live matches are purchased by big platforms, and only they can stream matches, and they charge a lot, so it becomes very difficult for the fans to watch live cricket. So Webcric provides you the facility of watching each and every match and league across the world on their platform, and they don’t even charge a penny from you. You can enjoy every match of cricket, whether it is international cricket or its domestic leagues, on Webcric.

Webcric PAK vs AFG live Cricket Streaming 2023

Watch Webcric Pakistan vs Afghanistan cricket streaming and schedule for 2023. A one-day series between Pakistan and Afghanistan is scheduled just before the Asia Cup in August 2023. Both teams will play three ODI series against each other.

Both teams have a very thrilling history together, and fans are really looking forward to that series as it will be played in spinner-friendly conditions, so we can expect good entertainment. Webcric is streaming all the matches of Pakistan vs Afghanistan series live as they have the broadcasting rights to this series.

World Cup 2023 live stream on WebCric

The most anticipated upcoming cricket event is the World Cup 2023, which is going to be held in India. The format of this World Cup is one day. After the thrilling last World Cup final, cricket fans around the world are going crazy about this World Cup. Moreover, this world cup is going to be held in India, and we all know how passionate sub-content nations are when it comes to cricket. So the hype is on for this tournament, and guess who is providing you with the facility to watch the Cricket World Cup 2023 live on their platform for free? In the 2023 World Cup, all matches will be streamed live on WebCric.

Asia Cup 2023 streaming live on webcric.com for free

Whenever you think of cricket, the sub-content fan craze comes to mind. The biggest event in cricket, the Asia Cup 2023, will also be streamed live on Webcric. The streaming will be free of charge, and everyone around the globe can enjoy the Asia Cup 2023 in ODI format for free online on the free cricket site for cricket matches, Webcric.

Test Cricket Championship Streaming live on Webcric

Recently, the final of the test cricket championship was played between India and Australia, which gained huge popularity. Test cricket is the king of cricket and yet the most respected format of cricket.

Many real cricket fans prefer watching tests. If you want to enjoy the greatest format of cricket live and for free, then you’re on the right platform with WebCric.

New Zealand’s tour of England Webcric live

New Zealand is going to England before the World Cup 2023 to play the ODI series against the best side in the modern days of cricket in England. Both sides will be playing an ODI series for the purpose of preparing for the upcoming World Cup. The two sides also collided in the final of the previous World Cup, which is considered the best match in cricket history. The series between them will be streamed on Webcric, and you can enjoy live cricket for free.

Pak tour of Australia 2023–24 Coming live on WebCric

The biggest test for the Pakistani cricket team after the World Cup in 2023 is the test series against mighty Australia. Both nations have a history of cricket, and Pakistan always struggles against them on their home ground. But hopes are high this time, as Pakistan is more than a good team this time, and their matches against Australia will be streamed live on Webcric.

Pak vs. NZ 2024 live streaming

Pak will be touring New Zealand in 2024 for 5 T20s, and you can watch this series live on Webcric.

Watch all the Cricket Leagues live for free

Webcric streams all the cricket leagues that are played around the world on their platform. This is the era of modern cricket, and all the fans want to catch up on all the quick action. Leagues are more entertaining, consume less time, and provide much more entertainment. Webcric is providing the facility of live cricket for the fans of the league to watch cricket for free.

Watch PSL 2024 live

When it comes to quality cricket, the name of this league always comes to mind first. This is the
league where you watch the best of cricket. Pakistan Super League is streaming live on Webcric, and fans can enjoy the action on Webcric.

IPL live streaming

IPL means Indian Premier League, which is the greatest league in the world. Fans around the globe are crazy about this league and don’t want to miss any games. If you are among those, then Webcric is providing all the fans across the world with the opportunity to enjoy live cricket with them. IPL 2024 will also be streamed live on WebCric.

There are many other leagues that will also be streamed online live on Webcric, like the BBL, which is a mighty Australian cricket brand. Moreover, you can watch the Lanka Premier League live streaming on it. You can also enjoy the action of the shortest cricket format, t20, on Webcric, which will also be streamed live on this platform.

What if Webcric is not working?

If the site is down and not working properly, you can wait for it to be up again, or you can use the
alternatives listed below.

Webcric alternative

Here are some of the alternatives to Webcric:


Is WebCric free?

Yes, WebCric is free to watch online cricket matches.

Where can I watch WC 2023 live?

WebCric is the platform that provides this facility.

What if Webcric is not working?

You can use its alternatives, like
 touchcric.com
 livecricket.com
 crichd.com
 crictime.com

Which platform is streaming the Asia Cup 2023 for free?

Webcric is streaming the Asia Cup 2023 for free.

Can I use WebCric on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use Webcric to watch matches on your mobile phone, laptop, Macbook, Tab, and iPhone.


Webcric is an online platform that is considerably the best free platform to enjoy live cricket action from the World Cup 2023 and the Asia Cup 2023 in HD quality. This platform is totally free, and you don’t need to pay a penny for it. You can also watch cricket series, tournaments, leagues, and test cricket championships live streamed on Webcric.

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